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Andrea Maggio

European Marketing Manager

+39 349 3180600


David Bondouy

Sales Manager-France and Northern Africa

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Josep Fernandez

Director Sales EMEA

+34 677 599 348


Thomas Kuenzel

Sales Manager Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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Tricia Nguyen

Sales Manager – UK and Nordic Countries

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Monica Chiacchiari

Inside Sales EMEA

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Veronica Bialek

Territory Manager Oxygen Therapy Iberia/Benelux/Israel

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Learn about our FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Have questions about the smart technologies that make the CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort a perfect fit for your business and patients? Talk to one of our Sales Representatives or watch our video to learn more ( ).

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O2 is What We Do--For All Patients

CAIRE has the widest range of oxygen products available (see video, with options available to meet each patient’s prescription and mobility needs. Talk to one of our experts to learn about on-demand and high-flow portable LOX units and our portable, transportable and stationary oxygen concentrators.

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CAIRE’s Hospital Discharge Program

Reduce the rate of hospital readmission with CAIRE’s concentrators to provide oxygen therapy to all your patients. Learn about the portable FreeStyle Comfort, the transportable Eclipse 5, and the stationary Companion 5.

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CAIREview Telehealth Technology Demonstration

Ask our team to give you a demonstration of our CAIREview Telehealth Program.

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.06  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.06.02  Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

Our products

Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

FreeStyle Comfort

Expand your patients’ comfort zone with this innovative and powerful portable oxygen concentrator. Its lightweight, curved design hugs the body for patient comfort. It has the power to let patients stay out all day long with greater flexibility to increase flow rates as prescriptions change, meeting oxygen therapy requirements. Patented smart oxygen delivery features ensure they get the oxygen they need, when they need it, keeping them comfortable and worry-free by automatically adjusting to their breathing patterns and level of activity.

Learn about the FreeStyle Comfort's smart technology in this video:

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Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

Eclipse 5

The Eclipse 5 combines portability with clinical efficiency to treat a wide variety of your patients’ needs, no matter the range of their activity levels – giving them the freedom to travel and enjoy life on the go. Suitable for use 24/7 use, this all-in-one oxygen therapy device can provide continuous flow from 0.5 to 3 LPM (Liters Per Minute) and pulse doses up to a setting of 9.

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Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

Companion 5

Companion 5 is a 5 LPM compact stationary oxygen concentrator designed specifically for quality, performance, and reliability. With flows settings from 0.5 to 5 LPM increments, the Companion 5 is built with robust internal components to allow consistent oxygen therapy for patients.

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Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

NewLife Intensity 10

The NewLife Intensity is the most durable and capable 10 Liter stationary oxygen concentrator on the market today. This 10 Liter stationary oxygen concentrator combines 20 psi outlet pressure and up to 10 LPM of therapeutic oxygen making it ideal for home care use and long-term care facilities where higher oxygen flow is necessary. NewLife Intensity 10 LPM dual flow units provide additional savings to long-term care facilities with their capability to deliver oxygen to two patients simultaneously from a single concentrator.

Serve up to five oxygen patients by connecting your NewLife Intensity to the SureFlow™ oxygen flow station, an easy-to-use device which allows you to supply medical-grade oxygen to patients at one-time and offers adjustable flow options.

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Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

VisionAire 5

The VisionAire 5 is a maintenance free, light, quiet and power efficient stationary oxygen concentrator. With a unique design that eliminates preventative maintenance schedules, get the most of your stationary inventory without having to worry about extra patients visits and replacement filter costs.

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Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

SureFlow Oxygen Flow Meter

Serve up to five oxygen patients by connecting your NewLife Intensity to the SureFlow™ oxygen flow station, an easy-to-use device which allows you to supply medical-grade oxygen to patients at one-time and offers adjustable flow options.

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Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

Liquid Oxygen Systems

CAIRE’s extensive inventory of liquid oxygen portables includes both lightweight pulse flow devices for maximum ambulation, and continuous flow portables up to 15 LPM to treat more severe disease states.

CAIRE’s vast selection of liquid oxygen reservoirs ranges in size from 20 liters for easy delivery and portability, to 60 liters to maximize time between refills. We also have multiple fill connection options to meet the needs of the oxygen provider’s inventory and the user’s needs.

CAIRE provides LOX solutions for oxygen therapy to fill every prescription with the HELiOS, Sprint, Stroller, Spirit, Hi Flow Stroller, and Liberator units.

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Product category: Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment


A cost-effective tracking solution from the innovators in oxygen concentrator technology, and the experts in mobile patient monitoring. Simply download the app, connect to a compatible concentrator via wireless technology, and view data in the secure portal.

Currently available on the FreeStyle® Comfort® wearable oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse 5® portable oxygen concentrator, and the Companion 5™ stationary oxygen concentrator. CAIREview™ is available to health and home care solutions providers.

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Company news




Nov 11, 2020

CAIRE Announces Expanded Patient Access to FreeStyle Comfort in European Union

Award-winning portable oxygen concentrator approved for reimbursement in France, Germany

Ball Ground, GA (November 11, 2020) – CAIRE’s award-winning FreeStyle® Comfort® portable oxygen concentrator has been awarded approval for reimbursement for healthcare systems in France and Germany, providing increased access to patients in the European Union’s two largest population centers. With the launch of the FreeStyle Comfort in Europe, CAIRE has further expanded the company’s product portfolio of oxygen therapy modalities with a state-of-the-art portable oxygen concentrator.

France’s governing body – the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) (French National Authority for Health) – has listed this oxygen therapy device on the Liste des Produits et Prestations Remboursables (LPPR), or List of Reimbursable Products and Services.

Germany’s governing body – the Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV or Statutory Health Insurance) –has listed this medical device on the Hilfsmittelverzeichnis.

The new approvals enable healthcare providers to receive appropriate reimbursement for the FreeStyle Comfort used commonly to provide long-term oxygen therapy to individuals with serious respiratory conditions, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Initiatives in both countries point to taking steps to improve the quality of patient care and guarantee equity within the healthcare system.

Devices like the FreeStyle Comfort seek to support the large population of individuals suffering from respiratory diseases in the EU. The European Lung Foundation and European Respiratory Society report that one in eight deaths in the EU are from respiratory diseases – roughly 600,000 people annually – and that respiratory diseases result in 6 million hospital admissions per year.[1]  Portable oxygen concentrators, operational via battery or electrical power, take ambient air, filter it and then deliver up to 95 percent purified oxygen to the user. This convenience of being able to plug-in and recharge anywhere has contributed to portable oxygen concentrators increasing in popularity.

Well-known and trusted CAIRE oxygen therapy portable modalities already available in the European market include its market-leading liquid oxygen portables devices and the clinically-proven Eclipse 5® portable oxygen concentrator. In studies, the Eclipse 5’s patented autoSAT® technology is preferred by many patients because it adjusts oxygen delivery to deliver a consistent volume of oxygen with the patient’s breath rate during activity or at rest. The FreeStyle Comfort is the first wearable oxygen concentrator to incorporate that proprietary technology.

“The approval of reimbursement for the FreeStyle Comfort paves the way for yet another oxygen therapy solution offering portability and freedom and serving patient needs utilizing the latest in smart oxygen delivery technology and innovation,” said Earl Lawson, President and CEO of CAIRE Inc. “We seek to provide oxygen equipment to meet all patient needs no matter their clinical disease state and this device enables patients to enjoy life away from home with convenient access to the oxygen they need. This solution along with our complete portfolio secures our position as being the only global oxygen equipment manufacturer that covers the entire continuum of care for the patient.”

Credited with pioneering the first portable oxygen concentrator, CAIRE engineers designed the FreeStyle Comfort with an innovative ergonomic, curved shell, and delivery features to ensure oxygen is provided with each breath. Weighing only 5 lbs. and with an industry-leading battery life, this device offers on-demand oxygen flow and enhanced proprietary smart oxygen delivery features including CAIRE’s UltraSense® technology, which ensures that oxygen is delivered in conjunction with the patient’s breath rate, autoDOSE, which ensures delivery of oxygen even if no breath is detected, to help to ensure the clinical efficacy of the product and the previously mentioned autoSAT feature.

The device meets FAA guidelines for use on commercial air flights and offers wireless connectivity to CAIRE’s telehealth solution.

[1] Lung health in Europe, FACTS & FIGURES, A better understanding of lung disease and respiratory care in Europe, 2013.

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Oct 20, 2020

CAIRE Signs Exclusive Agreement with ZOLL Medical Corporation

Global Distribution Planned for SAROS™ 4000 Oxygen System for the Military

Ball Ground, GA (October 20, 2020) – Global oxygen therapy manufacturer CAIRE Inc. has announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Massachusetts-based ZOLL Medical Corporation to distribute the SAROS™ 4000 Oxygen System, designed specifically for military use, outside the United States.

ZOLL Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei company, develops and markets medical devices and software solutions that help advance emergency care and save lives, while increasing clinical and operational efficiencies. For more than 25 years, the company has been a trusted partner delivering acute critical care technologies to the military.

ZOLL products are extensively utilized throughout the entire military healthcare system in support of the warfighter and casualty treatment within the En-Route Care System. Their leading resuscitation and critical care technologies are field-proven in all roles of operational medical care on the battlefield, in aeromedical evacuation and transport, in field hospitals, and in garrison for definitive care. ZOLL technologies are reliable, ready, and trusted to treat our warfighters anywhere on land, sea, or air.

At the center of the CAIRE-ZOLL agreement is the distribution of the new SAROS™ 4000 Oxygen System, a military-grade portable oxygen concentrator, with a planned launch date of October 2020.

“ZOLL has a dedicated, experienced sales team already in place serving the unique needs of military personnel around the globe and service centers in over 140 countries, ” said Earl Lawson, CAIRE President and CEO. “We are very excited to align with a leader in this space as we launch this important update to an innovative medical device used in emergency transport.”

The new SAROS 4000 has received the CE mark, indicating that the product meets the state-of-the-art medical device standards for the European Economic Area. Equipped with CAIRE’s proprietary, autoSAT® technology, the SAROS can consistently maintain FiO2 by adjusting to the patient’s respiratory rate and delivering up to 3 LPM of oxygen therapy to the user.

The SAROS 4000’s predecessor, the SAROS 3000 was introduced in 2011 following a research and development partnership with the US Army. The first of its kind, the SAROS provided an alternative to oxygen cylinders and a safer way of providing life-saving oxygen to service members during transport. The portable oxygen concentrator can be placed on the stretcher with the soldier and meets FAA Guidelines for air flights and medical evacuation.

“By combining ZOLL’s EMV+® ventilator with the SAROS 4000 oxygen concentrator, medics can deliver ventilation and oxygenation therapy without the use of oxygen cylinders, which present significant field challenges, including more risk and the added complexity of transportation logistics,” said Elijah A. White, President of ZOLL Resuscitation. “Oxygen cylinders not only present refilling and logistical challenges, but also remain a hazardous threat in armed conflicts.”

ZOLL plans to market and sell the SAROS 4000 directly or through sub-distributors outside of the U.S. working with military agencies, government and emergency management service organizations.

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CAIRE is a global leader in oxygen therapy and manufacturer of best-in-class oxygen concentrators and liquid oxygen systems. We have the broadest available product portfolio to address any patient’s clinical and personal needs - including the well-known liquid Stroller® portable and Liberator® reservoirs, the FreeStyle® Comfort® portable oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse 5® oxygen concentrator, and the VisionAire 5 stationary oxygen concentrator.

CAIRE offers medical oxygen solutions through our AirSep division. More than 4,500 medical facilities in nearly 50 countries worldwide are currently using AirSep PSA Medical Oxygen Systems to meet their central pipeline and other clinical needs. These systems operate automatically and can be used for medical oxygen supply, critical care units, hospital pipeline supply, military field hospitals, on-site emergency preparedness centers, and disaster-relief.

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