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17th, Fl., Park Ventures Ecoplex Un.1701 57, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, 10330 Bangkok
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Gan Chai Chuan

Export Sales - Europe
Marketing EU

+66 2207 4500


Trieb Ronald

VP Sales - Europe

+43 677 62381488


Tananuch Nutcomhang

+66 2207 4500 Ext 2402


Our products

Product category: Disposable gloves

Sense Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves

Our Sense Nitrile Glove offers the best combination of extreme friendly comfort (with our latest soft nitrile formulation) and furious reliable hand protection (EN455/ASTM D6319 compliance & certified Category III PPE) while improving the sustainability of nitrile gloves. With our vigorous effort in producing the newest generation of nitrile gloves, Sense yields unparalleled flexibility and tensile strength (over 40MPa) that surpasses even some of the thicker nitrile gloves out there in the market. The Sense nitrile gloves provide users with the outmost confidence as they go around with their daily work routine like medical examination, preparing solutions in laboratories or preparing food in the kitchen. 

Sense Nitrile Glove is today’s lightest, gram per gram, EN455 and ASTM D6319 compliance glove. By using less material, this glove contribute to a more sustainable resources and leaves less carbon footprint from upstream to downstream in the life cycle of the product. Furthermore, like all other gloves produced by Sri Trang Gloves, Sense Nitrile is manufactured by utilizing 100% biomass. 

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Force Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves

The tank of disposable nitrile gloves, a powerful protection against all kinds of harm. This heavy-duty protective glove, which also fulfills all food contact and medical requirements as well, including the European, American and International standards, protects its users in industrial environments and is suitable for specialized laboratories and manufacturing environments, with challenging substances on all the surfaces around. This easy-to-don solution has high values of tensile strength and permeation protection, isolating the skin reliably against dangerous applications from any hazards on the outside.

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Balance Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves

This legendary product is famously used in laboratories worldwide. Its balance of protection and tactile sensitivity convinced users at all different kind of applications. While it can be used as a medical examination and Category III protective glove, this latex-free protection comes in handy, while you work on glass equipment in laboratories or kitchens. The finger-texturing allows optimal performance by a high a degree of sense of touch throughout the glove film. The finished surface allows grabbing of any smooth and wet surface without losing grip to it, while protecting from any surroundings that should not come in contact with bare skin.

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Comfort Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves

Our Comfort Nitrile PF are ideal for those who love reliable protection with great skin alike comfort and reduced fatigue in your hand. It is designed to provide a reliable solution to cover all application areas, commonly encountered anywhere in medical application area. This is why the product extends the range of covered fields by typical medical, protective equipment and safe food handling applications. While the comfortable, soft nitrile has many advantages, its worldwide acceptance is for sure the biggest account on the “pro”.  

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Comfort Plus Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves

This Comfort+ Nitrile PF is designed to let you forget you are wearing gloves. While other products might feel like a second skin, this technical marvel provides the feeling of having barely anything on the hand, while still achieving all performance requirements for medical device applications. This enhances the tactile sensitivity to the level of mimicking bare hands. With our technology and research, we created this thin film of nitrile that give reliable protection suitable for any superficial medical examination, food preparing or protection against short term contacts in laboratories. This product provides the most efficient use of resources, decreasing the waste of material per piece to an absolute minimum. With its improved design and related wall thickness, the product remains soft and flexible, although reaching examination gloves tensile strength performances for American and European standards. This solution provides the current state of the art of glove designing and combines decades of experience with the hunt for innovation.

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Spectrum Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves

Natural rubber latex glove design derives from a singular point of view: to protect every touch with care.  STGT Spectrum Latex Powder-Free Gloves come with balanced thickness for the right amount of protection and supreme flexibility, enhanced user comfort as well as maximized tactile sensitivity for every touch compared to synthetic materials.  Our unique Latex formula provides the Spectrum Latex Powder-Free Gloves top notch gripping ability, perfect for handling small tools, improved user precision to ensure all task are done perfectly, while maintaining optimal fit and comfortable feeling.

Spectrum Latex Powder-Free Gloves come in a variety of colors suitable for wide range of applications, and they comply to many international standards including medical, food handling, food manufacturing and many more areas where hand protection are needed.

Lastly, Spectrum Latex Powder-Free Gloves were are designed and developed with sustainability in mind. Our Latex comes from well-managed forests, manufactured by utilizing 100% biomass renewable thermal energy. Natural rubber latex as raw materials outclasses synthetic alternatives when it comes to the carbon foot print. STGT Spectrum gloves are the sustainable solution to colored synthetic gloves in all fields.

(Products are available as FSC™ certified only on request)

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Low Friction Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves

If the main goal is speed and maximum protection, the Low Friction Latex PF solution is the name of the game. With its unique surface treatment, which combines both specialized but invisible coating and highly effective finishing. The interaction creates a smooth surface that prevents any stress to the skin despite repeated donning. Even with wet hands, donning is never easier. The increased wall thickness withstands irregular surfaces and provides protection against typical harms for a Category III protective glove. Combining the advantages of medical examination and food contact gloves, it can be a full-service option for any medical facilities, from dental to nursing, canteen and laboratory applications.

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Grip Plus Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves

An all-rounder, with a stylish white appearance and optimal grip textured surface, suitable for medical, protective and food contact applications. It meets American, European and International standards for medical applications. Its gentle surface treatment guarantees an outperforming physical performance of the product until the end of the shelf life. The product covers the range of 5.7g to 6.0g and fulfills all need, as it can be used in all areas of a medical facility, such as nursing, laboratory or kitchen.

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Product category: Disposable gloves

Comfort Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves

The unique Latex powder free glove, a masterpiece of know-how and production process control that fulfills the requirements of a medical examination and a Category III protective glove, including safe food handling. Without any doubt, it can compete to all latex powder free solutions up to middle-weight class. A technical marvel that proves even most unlikely combinations of natural raw materials and industrial know-how can seamlessly incorporate in this one-product-for-all solution. The Comfort Latex PF offers skin-alike comfort and provides tactile sensitivity.

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Product category: Disposable gloves


Followed the strict control of every step in production to produce examination gloves of many different kinds that satisfy international standards and inspire the highest level of satisfaction in customers.

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Product category: Disposable gloves

FSC Latex Examination Gloves

Sri Trang Group are proud to be the world's first fully integrated Rubber Company to certify FSC for the whole of our LATEX supply chain from up- stream to down-stream in 2019, i.e.  for the farms where the trees produce latex, the latex collection points, the concentrated Latex factories, the Examination Gloves factories and finally to the shelves for sale.  Sri Trang is 100% committed to selling responsibly produced products that meet the high standards set by the FSC. This truly make Sri Trang’s products highly sustainable.

* Look for our FSC™ Certified Products (Products are available as FSC™ certified only on request)

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About us

Company details

In life, every touch has a meaning. From the first day that we are born into this world, a pair of gloves takes us to our mother's embrace. As you move through stages of life, gloves help to protect you. Across industries, from medical to food and manufacturing of many great products, gloves have become an essential part of our life.

Since 1989. Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Public Company Limited takes pride in our attention to detail at every production step; from the careful selection of raw materials to the constant research and innovation. We take pride in producing gloves that deliver ˹ Touch Of Life™˼

We offer a wide range of high-quality natural latex and nitrile examination gloves as well as general-purpose disposable gloves, both powdered and powder-free, catering to a wide variety of applications, including healthcare and medical, food processing, food handling, manufacturing and operations where hygiene standards come first.

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Sales volume

> 500 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees

> 5000

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