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Sentinel CH. SpA

Via Robert Koch, 2, 20152 Milano
Telephone +39 02 3455141
Fax +39 02 34551464


Franco Melziade

International Sales Manager & KAM - Europe & Middle East

Pietro Ballotta

International Sales Manager & KAM - America, APAC, Africa, Middle East, Europe for Molecular Biology

Paolo Farina

Head of Strategic Alliances

Mario Fangareggi

Head of Marketing

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.13  Other diagnostic equipment

Other diagnostic equipment

  • 02  Laboratory technology
  • 02.01  Analyser systems / equipment

Analyser systems / equipment

  • 02  Laboratory technology
  • 02.09  Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

  • 02  Laboratory technology
  • 02.24  Other laboratory equipment

Other laboratory equipment

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.01  Clinical chemistry
  • 03.01.05  Other equipment for clinical chemistry

Other equipment for clinical chemistry

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.01  Immuno assay testing

Immuno assay testing

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.03  Diagnostic tests for cancer

Diagnostic tests for cancer

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.04  Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology

Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.04  Microbiology testing
  • 03.04.02  Parasitology testing in microbiology

Parasitology testing in microbiology

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.05  Infectious immunology testing
  • 03.05.02  Microbiological diagnosis, virology, equipment and systems for

Microbiological diagnosis, virology, equipment and systems for

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.06  Genetic testing, molecular diagnostics
  • 03.06.01  DNA testing

DNA testing

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.06  Genetic testing, molecular diagnostics
  • 03.06.02  Molecular biomarkers

Molecular biomarkers

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.06  Genetic testing, molecular diagnostics
  • 03.06.03  Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.06  Genetic testing, molecular diagnostics
  • 03.06.04  Other molecular diagnostics testing

Other molecular diagnostics testing

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.07  Other diagnostics

Other diagnostics

Our products

Product category: Laboratory equipment


The SENTiFOB® system is a fully automated analyzer for Fecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT), able to produce up to 100 results per hour. The ideal choice for midsized/small volume laboratories.

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Product category: Diagnostic tests for cancer

FOB Gold®

FOB Gold® is a system which comprises a unique “2 in 1” tube for sample collection and a new generation immunological latex reagent for the determination of fecal occult blood. The patented FOB Gold® tube offers a universal solution for screening use and comes in 2 versions.

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Product category: Other diagnostic equipment


STAT-NAT® COVID-19 kit is a lyophilized Real-Time RT-PCR assay for the detection of novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.
  • Ready-to-use
  • Highly specific for SARS-CoV-2
  • One-step lyophilized master mixes
  • Endogenous Internal Control included in the Master Mix
  • Results available in less than 2 hours
  • Validated on human respiratory tract specimens
  • Validated on CFX96™ (Bio-Rad) and QuantStudio™ 5 (ABI)
  • CE IVD reagent
  • Room temperature shipping and storage . No special shipment required.

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About us

Company details

Established in 1983 by two Italian independent entrepreneurs, Sentinel Diagnostics has a long and proud history as an independent IVD developer and manufacturer.

Sentinel Diagnostics is the first IVD manufacturer in Italy and it is among the biggest in Europe in its areas of activity. The aim of our daily work is to provide high quality and reliable IVD products for the clinical diagnosis.

Sentinel Diagnostics distributes its products through the major players in the diagnostic field, as well as with a network of committed, established, independent distributors.

  • We develop, manufacture and deliver on-time worldwide high-quality diagnostic reagents and solutions in Clinical Chemistry and Immunochemistry, Fecal Immunochemical Testing and Molecular Diagnostics;
  • We continuously invest to develop and maintain a state of the art manufacturing site in Milan, Italy, where we produce our diagnostics supported by a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485 : 2016, ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP (Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA and Japan);
  • We have a growing, internationally diverse, committed and entrepreneurial team of 150 employees;
  • We are a private company and the passion of the founders remains as strong as it was when the company was founded.

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Company data

Sales volume

50-99 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees




Area of business
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Diagnostics

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