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Bioneer Corp.

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Korea, Republic
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Our products

Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor - ExiPrep™ 96 Lite/48 Dx/16 Dx

ExiPrep™ 96 Lite/48 Dx/16 Dx is a instrument for automatic Nucleic acid extraction. You can extract nucleic acids from sample in 30/60/90 depending on the model(96Lite - 30mins, 48Dx - 60mins, 16Dx - 90mins). Also, each instrument can be used flexibly depending on your needs. ExiPrep™ 16 Dx can be linked another ExiPrep™ 16 dx, so you can extract Nucleic Acids from different samples at the same time. ExiPrep™ 48 Dx help you to put different samples in every 8 well and analyze at the same time. In case of ExiPrep™ 96 Lite, you can extract not only genomic DNA/RNA but also cfDNA upon protocols. All three instruments have internal anti-contamination systems to protect your samples.  

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Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Nucleic acid extraction kits - ExiPrep™ Dx/48/96 DNA/RNA Kit

 ExiPrep™ Nucleic acid extraction kits are designed for use with automatic Nucleic acid extractor such as the Exiprep™ 96 Lite/48Dx/16Dx. They are the total solutions for accurate and rapid extraction of Viral DNA/RNA from clinical samples, such as Sputum, Nasopharyngeal swab, Oropharyngeal swab. Our extraction kits contain Accunanobead™ developed by ourselves, those beads help you to experience rapid and accurate exctraction of nucleic acid with high quality. After loading samples into tube, all you have to do is put the sample other equipment into the instrument and wait for the result. 

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Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Corona and Influenza simultaneous kit - AccuPower® RV1 real-time PCR kits

 AccuPower® RV1 real-time PCR kits can be the countermeasure for possible twin-pandemic situations. They help you to distinguish COVID-19 patients and Influenza patients. The distinction between COVID-19 patients and Influenza patients is important for twin-pandemic as the treatments for each situation are totally different. Both COVID-19 patients and influenza patients show similar symptoms such as cough, high fever, and dyspnea, but treatments to influenza patients exist, not to COVID-19 patients. Therefore, our AccuPower® RV1 real-time PCR kits help you to save more lives.

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Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Coronavirus diagnostic kits - AccuPower® COVID-19 RT-PCR Kits

 AccuPower® COVID-19 RT-PCR Kit is an in vitro diagnostic kit that helps diagnose COVID-19 infections. The kit is able to detect 3 targets(E gene, RdRp & N gene) in a tube. You can use the suspectious patients' sample such as sputum, nasopharyngeal swab, oropharyngeal swab. 

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Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)


 ExiStation™ is the universal molecular diagnostic systems from nucleic acid extration to real-time PCR. Existation ™ can consist of maximum three ExiPrep™ 16 Dx and one Exicycler™.  With this free combination system you can design the most convenient set of Existation™. Also, all components can be simultaneously operated with different types of samples. Moreover, ExiStation™ is a pipetting-free system that mixes the extracted nucleic acids with the diagnostic reagents automatically, increasing convenience, practicality and reproducibility.

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Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

ExiStation™ 48

 ExiStation™ 48 is an automated molecular diagnostic system using both nucleic acid extractor, Exiprep™ 48 Dx and Real-Time quantitative PCR machine, Exicycler™ 96. ExiStation™ 48A can perform nucleic acid extraction and diagnostic tests on 48 samples at the same time.

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Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

ExiStation™ 48A

ExiStation™ 48A is an automated molecular diagnostic system using Real-Time qPCR technology, it is an integrated system consisting of ExiLT for sample dispensing, ExiPrep™48 Dx form nucleic acid extraction, and Exicycler™ 96 for Real-time quantitative thermal block. ExiStation™ 48A can perform nucleic acid extraction and diagnostic tests on 48 samples at the same time. Automatic sample dispensing system is applied to minimize human error through pipetting. In addition, optimized protocols are built in to enhance user convenience.

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Product category: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Exicycler™ 96

Exicycler™ 96 is a superior 96-well PCR system designed for real-time qPCR applications demanding the highest performance. With the various modules, various diagnosis is available such as viral load monitoring, gene expression analysis and SNP genotyping.

- Optical Patent Technology
Bioneer patented fluorescence detection method (Korean Patent No. 10-1089045, US Patent No. US 8427643) was applied to minimize noise caused by reflected light, thus improving sensitivity and accuracy.

1. High reproducibility and accuracy
Highly reproducible and accurate results by light tunnel (LT) technology (Korean Patent No. KR 0794703, US Patent No. 8139210, Japanese Patent JP 4751821, China Patent No. CN 1798969) irradiating uniform excitation light, excitation light interception method (Korean Patent No. 10-1089045 and US Pat. No. 8427643) using polarization, and a 96-well simultaneous detection technique using a 2-D sensor minimizing optical sensitivity and deviation between well
2. Reduce reaction time
Maximum ramping rate of 4.5 ℃/sec decreases reaction time by using a unique thermal block and temperature control technology
3. 5 color multiplexing system
Simultaneous detection of five targets capable of being used in multiplex PCR without ...

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Company news




Sep 25, 2020

Bioneer and the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Iraq signed a $2.4 million deal to form a lab for COVID-19 diagnosis

[Daejeon, Republic of Korea – September 25 2020] Bioneer specializing in molecular diagnostics announced that it will build a $2.4 million lab for COVID-19 diagnosis in Iraq

Bioneer signed a turn-key project contract with the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Iraq (MOHW) to set up a laboratory for COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Under this comprehensive $2.4 million contract, Bioneer will supply and set up all the equipment and kits necessary for molecular diagnosis and research.

This contract is the first joint collaboration case between the MOHW and Bioneer's advanced technology and overseas networks. As the result of comprehensive performance evaluation of equipment and kits required for the molecular diagnosis processes from leading global companies, the MOHW of Iraq selected Bioneer products.

Bioneer is the only South Korean biotech manufacturer that provides total molecular diagnostic solutions. Through vertical integration strategy, Bioneer is providing molecular diagnostics technology, instruments and kits from raw materials to final products. The deal with the MOHW of Iraq on laboratory setup and product supply assures the significance and global competitiveness of Bioneer’s products.

Bioneer closely cooperates with its partners across the globe. As a confluent result, this contract is the outcome of advanced coordination and technical activities in Iraq by Bioneer’s local partners the Al-Musaib Bridge Company and Scientific services Bureau.

Bioneer official says that "Although Bioneer has an excellent and innovative technology, our products were less familiar in Iraq till our local partners demonstrated our products to the MOHW of Iraq."

Further it was added that "Indeed, The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), a strategic partner of WHO, after evaluating Bioneer’s diagnostic kits has delivered results of the highest level in both sensitivity and specificity. Therefore, the MOHW of Iraq has showed strong interest in our products and we are expecting the next contract.”

Meanwhile, “Twindemic” concerns as COVID-19 cases raise and flu season looms. In response, Bioneer has developed a kit that can diagnose both COVID-19 and flu, in order to prevent further pandemics a convergence of the flu and COVID-19. After completing clinical studies, Bioneer is expecting to obtain CE and KFDA certifications.

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Apr 29, 2020

Bioneer supplies $5.7 million worth of COVID-19 related products to Saudi Arabia

[Daejeon, Republic of Korea – April 29, 2020] Bioneer specializing in molecular diagnostics announced that it will supply $5.7 million worth of COVID-19 related products to Saudi Arabia.

Bioneer through High Standard Medical Inc. will distribute COVID-19 related instruments and kits to National Unified Procurement Company, State Enterprise Aramco, and King Fahd Medical Research Centre.

Since obtaining export approval on March 31, Bioneer has been supplying COVID-19 related products to 47 countries, including a $ 1.9 million contract with Romania and a $ 4 million contract with Qatar.

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Apr 7, 2020

Bioneer and Qatar Petroleum singed $4 million Agreement on supply of COVID-19 diagnosis kit and instruments

[Daejeon, Republic of Korea – April 7, 2020] Bioneer (CEO Han-oh Park) specializing in molecular diagnostics announced that it has signed an agreement with Qatar Petroleum, a state-owned company, to supply $4 million worth molecular diagnostic instruments and coronavirus detection kits in Qatar.

Under the agreement, Bioneer will supply Qatar Petroleum with COVID-19 molecular diagnostic kits, nucleic acid extraction reagents and 18 molecular diagnostic instruments such as ExiPrep™ 96 Lite and Exicycler™. Supplied instruments and kits for COVID-19 molecular diagnosis will be applied in medical institutions including the Medical Services Department of Qatar Petroleum.

Bioneer provides a total solution for molecular diagnosis with its gene extraction instrument, real-time PCR instrument, extraction reagents and assays for amplifying and analyzing genes required for COVID-19 detection and diagnostics. All Bioneer’s instruments, reagents and kits are developed by the proprietary technologies in-house.

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Mar 19, 2020

Bioneer Receives CE Mark for Coronavirus Kits, Inks Supply Agreement in Romania

[Daejeon, Republic of Korea – March. 19, 2020] Bioneer (CEO Han-oh Park) specialized in molecular diagnostics announced that it has signed an agreement in about $1.9 million deal to supply its molecular diagnostic system ExiStation™ and coronavirus detection kits in Romania.

Bioneer recently has received CE-mark certification for ‘AccuPower® COVID-19 Real-Time RT-PCR Kit’ and ‘AccuPower® SARS-CoV-2 Real-Time RT-PCR Kit’.

Bioneer said that it is receiving export inquiries of molecular diagnostic system and COVID-19 kit from many countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc., and it is discussing the supply in full swing with CE certification.

According to the supply agreement, Bioneer distributes the ExiStation™ and COVID-19 test kits to 20 hospitals designated by the Romanian Ministry of Public Health.

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About us

Company details

Bioneer, an innovative biotech company since 1992
Healthier Future for Humanity with Genomic Technology.

Bioneer was the first Korean biotechnology company when it was established in 1992. The company has developed state of art molecular biology products and technologies including oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, and instruments of gene manipulation (automatic nucleic acid extractor, thermal cycler, real-time QPCR instruments and DNA sequencer). From its inception, Bioneer has invested in the integration of recombinant DNA technology, fermentation, biochemistry and nucleic acid chemistry in addition to mechanics, photonics and electronics. The company is positioned to fully-integrate its capability to develop next generation technologies in the post-genome era through the invention of new biochemistry and instruments. Bioneer now runs two production and research facilities in Korea which are a total of 226,000 square feet.

Equipped with proprietary 384 synthesizers, these facilities contain a full production line for oligonucleotide and siRNA synthesis. In addition to DNA manufacturing, Bioneer processes recombinant proteins which are fermented and purified on proprietary purification systems.

After a successful Initial Public Offering a few years ago, Bioneer Corporation launched Bioneer Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary. The American subsidiary is located in a 14,000 square foot production and distribution facility in Alameda, CA, the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The company is devoted to providing state of art solutions to the global community of life science researchers in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We have expertise in a wide range of areas.

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