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Via Postumia Ovest 226, 31048 San Biagio di Callalta (TV)


Filippo Brondolin

+39 335 198 9592


Elements Textile

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  • 07  Medical services and publications
  • 07.17  Other medical services and publications

Other medical services and publications

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Product category: Other medical services and publications


Special mono, bi or tristate non-woven fabric made of mix of spunbond polypropylene and meltblown. The various layers are bonded with ultrasonic technology, therefore 100% recyclable. MACOTEX is used for the production of disposable protective screens.

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Product category: Other medical services and publications


Spunbond polypropylene non-woven fabric bonded with ultrasonic technology or glued with breathable or barrier film intended for the production of disposable white coats. We used a particular type of glue certified for the hygienic / medical sector and suitable for contact with the skin.

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Company news




Oct 26, 2020

The start-up on your side

The company Elements Textile offers fabrics and non fabrics specialized and addressed to the well being of the individual, putting into service the long years of experience in the development and in the production of technical fabrics for the industrial sector.
Two new lines got created, ELEMENTS HEALTHCARE , or else textiles produced for the protection of the individual and ELEMENTS FASHION TEX, destined to the fashion world.

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Production of textiles and non textiles utilized to create protective shields, lab coats and to create suits made out of high fashion materials.
Elements Textile puts the efficiency and effort in the realization of special and specific textiles that are addressed to the individual, thanks to its laboratory of Research and Development that from diverse years operates in its own industry of textiles. This brought it to the subdivision of its own manufacturing with two diverse lines, the first one being destined to textiles for devices of the individual protection, also known as ELEMENTS HEALTHCARE and ELEMENTS FASHION TEX that focuses on technical textiles that are ideal for the fashion sector.
Creating products of high quality and competence. These are the traits that distinguish from the rest.

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