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MedNet GmbH

Borkstr. 10, 48163 Münster
Telephone +49 251 32266-0
Fax +49 251 32266-22

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MedNet GmbH


Matthias Heinz

General Manager

Ole Stein

General Manager

Jennifer Vorholt

Marketing & Communications

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.01  Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
  • 01.01.04  Elektronics assembly
  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.01  Injection molding
  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.04  Metal machining processing
  • 01.04.01  Molding
  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.04  Metal machining processing
  • 01.04.03  Metal cutting, chip removal
  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.05  Surface treatment
  • 01.05.01  Mechanical surface refinement

Mechanical surface refinement

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.05  Surface treatment
  • 01.05.02  Thermic surface finishing

Thermic surface finishing

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.05  Surface treatment
  • 01.05.03  Surface coating

Surface coating

  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.02  Catheters
  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.04  Stents
  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.05  Needles


  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.06  Surgical intruments

Surgical intruments

  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.12  Dental products
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.03  Linear technology
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.06  Valves
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.07  Filters
  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.02  Electromechanical components
  • 06.02.02  Plugs, connectors
  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.02  Electromechanical components
  • 06.02.04  Switches
  • 07  Microtechnology
  • 07.09  Microassembly

Our products

Product category: Assembly, Linear technology

High Pressure Lines & Monitoring Lines

All 1200 psi high-pressure lines are available in DEHP-free PVC as well as highly flexible braided PUR in lengths of 25cm (10”) to 250cm (98”)cm. The lines are assembled with caps and a female luer plus male luer lock or optionally with a rotating adapter. Sterile versions are available on request.

Our pressure monitoring lines guarantee uniform, reliable hemodynamic signals and can be used with pressures up to 500 psi, in lengths from 15cm (6”) to 300cm (118”). Available with two male Luer Lock connectors or with one female luer and one male lock they are made of DEHP-free transparent PVC, pre-assembled with caps.

Colour coding indicator stripes and sterile versions are available on request.

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Product category: Valves


Our portfolio includes a high quality selection of fluid management Check Valves such as Luer-activated, needle-free and pressure-activated valves with various opening pressures.
In addition, we offer Y-PTCA Connectors for interventional angiography in the "Tuohy Borst" "Push Pull" or "Push-Click" versions. These can also be supplied with a bonded extension line terminating with a standard or high-pressure stopcock (45/500 psi).

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Product category: Plugs, connectors

Connectors & Quick Connect Couplings

Quick Connect Coupling, Sanitary Fitting, Tube or Threaded Fitting  – with our wide range of Connectors we care for a secure connection, for nearly every medical and industrial application.

Our Quick Connect Couplings from several US-manufacturers are available in various configurations and for tube sizes from 1,6mm (1/16“) to 19mm (3/4“). Choose for diverse sealing technologies like thumb latch or quarter turn, valved or non-valved and miscellaneous materials, suitable for medical applications amongst others.

Furthermore we provide a selection of high quality Tube Fittings for tube IDs from 1,6mm (1/16“) to 25,4mm (1“). Beside the standard performance couplings like Luers we offer Connectors for special operations like sanitary fittings for biopharmaceutical applications, connectors for noninvasive blood pressure measurement and for the new ISO 80369 standard. 

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Product category: Metal cutting, chip removal, Laser cutting

Tubes, Wires and Foils

We offer fine wire from less than .003" (.076mm) in diameter and precious metal bars starting at 0.25“ (6,35mm) in diameter. Wire lengths range from miniature cut pieces to continuous reels. Flat, half round and custom configurations are also available.  Materials: Precious Metal Alloys (Platinum, Palladium, Gold Alloys)   We offer foils (tape and strip) from .001" (.025mm) thick. Lengths range from miniature cut pieces to continuous reels. Flat, half round and custom configurations are also available.   Materials: Precious Metal Alloys (Platinum, Palladium, Gold Alloys)   Cadence provides extremely accurate and complex laser cut geometries for tubing, round, square, rectangular and oval materials. Parts can be produced from one continuous piece of raw material.    A fully automated laser cutting process for tubing materials allows Cadence to manufacture parts quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Designed to provide the high precision and repeatability required for medical instruments, such as stents, tube cutting capabilities can also be combined with other critical welding, drilling, and marking processes that are fast and efficient.
Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Carbon     Cutting Techniques:
  • Electrochemical Cutting (ECC)
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM)
  • Laser Cutting
  • Electro Chemical Grinding (ECG)
  • Abrasive Cutting & Deburring

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Product category: Metal cutting, chip removal, Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser marking

Catheter-, Surgical- , Electrical and other engineered metal Components

These components typically must exhibit a combination of extremely small size, excellent corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, precision tolerances and mechanical strength properties. Those requirements can be met with the excellent material and process capacities of our partners...   Deringer-Ney is a leading manufacturer of precision medical device components via forming, stamping, insert-moulding and assembly specialized in dental implant and hearing aid components and also specialized in the development of alloys including custom biocompatible alloys.   Utitec is specialized in deep drawn, stamped and machined components as well as a wide range of secondary processes from surface treatment to cleanroom assembly and packaging.   Cadence provides specialty metal components and sub-assemblies for critical products using diverse techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. The flexible manufacturing processes enable product designers and engineers to fully leverage their creativity and design requirements. Capabilities
  • Cold Forming
  • Cutting
  • Deep Drawing and Forming of Wires and Tubes
  • Machining (CNC Milling and Turning)
  • Laser Fabrication (Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Marking, LaserSwiss, Machining)
  • Piercing and Slotting, Tube Notching, Pointing and Sharpening (Blades and Tubes)
  • Tube Bending and End Forming
  • Tube Flaring and Flanging
  • Tube Swaging
  • Stamping
  • Surface Treatment: Passivation, (Electro-)Polishing, Grinding (ECG), Heat treatment, Electro-Chemical Edge Enhancement, Photo Etching, Deburring, EDM, Bright Annealing
  • Cleanroom Assembly & Packaging
Product Examples
  • Catheter components: Tips, Wedges, Tubes, Catheter and Stent markers
  • Surgical components: Blades, Knife Assemblies, Needles & Cannulas, Scissors, Scalpels
  • Electrical components: Sensor components, Temperature sensor covers, (Hearing aid)-High performance contacts, Micro connectors, Contact pins
  • Dental implant components: Abutments, Implants, Implant holders
  • Other components: Support tubes for staple systems, Micro gas cylinders for air, Miniature screws
Materials Stainless Steels, Carbon Steel, Titanium Alloys, Niobium, Tantalum, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Precious Metals and Precious Metals Alloys (e.g. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Pd based Paliney®, Au based Neyoro®, Pt/Ir), further Alloys (e.g. Be Cu, Brass, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel)

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Product category: Injection molding, Molding, Micromolding

Moulded Rubber & Plastic Components

With our specialist Da/Pro Rubber for the manufacturing of high quality, tight tolerance rubber and plastic components we can offer medical grade materials and processes tailored to our customers' specifications.

Compression Moulding
Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. offers compression moulding of rubber compounds. Compression moulding consists of a top and bottom plate mould that is machined to a custom configuration. An elastomer preform is added between the plates and the plates are compressed under heat and pressure for a specific amount of time. The Da/Pro process monitors variables closely and adjusts to compensate for variable differences during each cycle. After the elastomer is cured properly, the mould is opened, the part is removed; the mould cleaned and the cycle repeated.

Transfer Moulding
Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. offers transfer moulding of rubber compounds. Transfer moulding consists of a mould cavity similar to a compression mould. In addition, the mould contains a transfer pot and a ram, where the rubber material is placed before compression. The mould cavity contains transfer holes, which connect to the transfer pot through sprues. During moulding, the ram is compressed and compounded rubber material flows through the sprues into the mould cavity configuration. Similar to compression moulding, the Da/Pro process monitors all variables and compensates for differences during each cycle. After the elastomer is cured properly, the mould cavity is opened, the part is removed, the sprue is removed, the transfer pot and mould cavity is cleaned, and the cycle is repeated.

Liquid Injection Moulding
Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. offers liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection moulding. This type of moulding is also called liquid injection moulding (LIM). LIM is similar to transfer moulding, but the rubber material is supplied on a continuous basis through an injection nozzle. The liquid rubber is mixed in line with the cutting agents and is injected into the mould cavity. Under heat and pressure, the rubber cures. The part is then ejected from the cavity and the moulding. The tooling for this process is more precision than compression due to the low viscosity of the liquid silicone.

Injection Moulding
Da/Pro Rubber offers plastic injection moulding services. This is a manufacturing process used for making components from thermoplastic and TPE materials. The plastic material is injected at high pressure into a mould made from the inverse of the desired shape. Unlike thermoset materials such as silicone, the plastic bonds are formed as the material cools. Once the part is cooled, a mould release removes the parts.

Over Moulding / Insert Moulding
Consistent rubber bonded to metal insert and rubber-to-plastic parts are easily produced using the Da/Pro Process for overmoulding. Unitized conductive elastomer / substrate products are moulded to meet stringent customer design requirements and quality demands. The elastomers are attached to the insert substrate by mechanical and/or chemical bonds. In chemical bonding, the elastomer is vulcanized and rubber bonded directly to the metal insert or plastic substrate during the moulding process.

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Product category: Plugs, connectors, Micromolding

Mashined PEEK Components

Cadence is specialized on Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) machining. The dedicated PEEK process can provide machined prototypes and low volume production parts for new designs, as well as components for high volume production. Parts are manufactured using no cutting fluids to keep burrs to a minimum and to reduce the risk of contaminants.Adaptors, Anchors, Screws

Product Excamples
  •  Adaptors, Anchors, Screws
  • Customized and Micro Machined Components

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Product category: Plugs, connectors, Injection molding, Switches, Micromolding

Connector Inserts

  • Internal hole configurations with minor diameters as small as .017" x .75" (approximately 0,43 mm x 19 mm) long and internally expanded up to three diameters
  • Many elastomers can be used
  • Shore hardness range from 30 A to 90 A
  • Secondary flash removal
  • Used in connectors for the Medical, Aerospace, Electronics, and many other industries

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Product category: Valves

One-Way Sealing Valves

  • custom compounds designed to your one-way sealing devices, such as duckbill valves, umbrella valves, flapper valves, etc.
  • assistance in design and material selection to reduce time from concept to finished product

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Product category: Injection molding, Molding, Micromolding


  • Mould diaphragms with a uniform convolute thickness as thin as 0.004 inches (0.10 mm) held to +/- 0.0015 inches (0.04 mm)
  • Moulded diaphragms have superior sensitivity, repeatability and flexibility in low-pressure instrument and control applications
  • Diaphragms may be designed to have either integral molded points to attach plastic or metal stiffeners
  • Da/Pro can mould or bond metal or plastic retainer plates for one-piece assembly
  • Our custom inspection and quality control group can perform many tests necessary to assure trouble free assembly in your operations

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Product category: Plugs, connectors, Switches

Seals and Gaskets

  • Consistent, excellent quality custom seals and gaskets
  • Produced with precise tolerances and damage to sealing surfaces is eliminated because secondary deflashing operations are not required
  • Custom compounding can be developed that fits your products operating environment whether it is chemical, heat or mechanical resistance
  • Our engineering staff can help with design of tooling to reduce the cost of most seals and gaskets

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Product category: Plugs, connectors, Molding, Micromolding


  • Custom O-rings in a variety of sizes
  • Solutions for your O-ring applications, with custom compounds that will work for your specific applications
  • O-rings as small as 0.051 inches O.D. (1,30 mm) to as large as 20 inches O.D. (508 mm)
  • Damage to the O-ring’s surface is eliminated because secondary flash removal operations are not required

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Product category: Molding

Plastic and TPE Moulding

  • Engineering and commodity plastic injection moulding
  • High temp plastic moulding
  • TPE overmoulding
  • Insert moulding
  • Custom parts moulded to your specification
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Rapid Prototyping using FDM – Fused Deposition Modelling

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Product category: Catheters, Metal cutting, chip removal, Thermic surface finishing, Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser marking

Catheter components

  • Tips
  • Wedges
  • Tubes
  • Catheter
  • Stent markers

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Product category: Metal cutting, chip removal, Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser marking

Surgical and sharpened components

  • Blades
  • Knife Assemblies
  • Needles & Cannulas
  • Scissors
  • Scalpels

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Product category: Plugs, connectors, Switches, Elektronics assembly

Electrical component

  • Sensor components
  • Temperature sensor covers
  • (Hearing aid)-High performance contacts
  • Micro connectors
  • Contact pins
  • Electrical Contact System Components

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Product category: Dental products

Dental implant components

  • Abutments
  • Implants
  • Implant holders

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Product category: Elektronics assembly, Metal cutting, chip removal, Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser marking, Catheters, Dental products, Assembly, Plugs, connectors, Stents

Cadence Inc.

Cadence Inc. is specialized in the manufacturing of metal and plastic components such as sharpened and ground blades, fabricated tubes, precision laser processed parts and machined or moulded PEEK components. As a full service provider with clean room capabilities Cadence focuses on specialty metal components, complex sub-assemblies as well as finished medical and diagnostic devices. 

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Product category: Injection molding, Metal cutting, chip removal, Mechanical surface refinement, Thermic surface finishing, Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser marking, Dental products, Stents, Plugs, connectors, Switches

Utitec Inc

Utitec is the industry leader in precision deep drawn and stamped components. Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut United States, Utitec manufactures miniature, ultra high precision deep drawn tubular and flat stamped components from a wide selection of metals and alloys. Its facilities in Connecticut, USA and El Coyol de Alajuela, Utitec Medical Costa Rica, are certified to ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008 and FDA . More than a manufacturing resource, Utitec offers complete engineering and product design support to maximize the full potential of the design concept. Furthermore, Utitec can help to select the optimum material for each application–also refractory metals that typically are considered impossible to draw. For detailed information visit

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Product category: Elektronics assembly, Catheters, Microassembly, Stents

Quasar Medical Device Manufacturer

Quasar specializes in the manufacture of products for the medical device market, catheters, electronics and disposables. Founded in Hong Kong in 1988 the company has a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, that is for 30 years home to the production of simple and highly complex medical devices and high precision micro electronic sub assembly, including 1000 qm of clean room.

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Product category: Injection molding, Molding, Valves, Switches, Micromolding, Filters

Dapro /Rubber - Plastic & TPE Components

Quasar specializes in the manufacture of products for the medical device market, catheters, electronics and disposables. Founded in Hong Kong in 1988 the company has a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, that is for 30 years home to the production of simple and highly complex medical devices and high precision micro electronic sub assembly, including 1000 qm of clean room.

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Company news




Aug 24, 2020

Tritan Syringes: MedNet offers BPA-free colour coded syringes from Copolyester

MedNet extends its comprehensive portfolio of colour coded syringes with a BPA-free version made from copolyester. TritanTM is a thermoplastic polyester from US-American manufacturer Eastman Chemical that is manufactured without bisphenol A (BPA) and without halogen addition, which is used in place of the conventional polycarbonate. The material is highly transparent and can be sterilized with gamma radiation, electron-beam or ethylenoxid with no change in colour. Having high chemical resistance suitable for many drugs as well as lipid resistance, Tritan is particularly suitable for the environmental conditions required by the modern medtech industry, also for its resistance against stress crack formation and ageing.

MedNet offers the Tritan syringe range in addition to the well established PC (polycarbonate) colour coded syringes. Both versions are available in different volumes from 1ml to 30 ml, with luer lock or luer slip. All syringes are available CE-marked. The syringes are available in seven different plunger colours.

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Jun 17, 2020

Stopcocks & manifolds from Elcam Medical: MedNet expands non sterile CE marked component portfolio

MedNet assumes responsibility for the regulatory support for CE certification of the stopcocks and manifolds from the world market leader Elcam Medical and is now able to
offer them CE marked in non sterile version.

“In the regulatory area, MedNet is well positioned because it has an established workflow and access to the appropriate resources. The certification by MedNet gives us the opportunity to offer our mutual customers in Europe the maximum regulatory support,” explains Amir Bohadana, Sales Executive Director at Elcam Medical, in the decision to outsource the regulatory support to MedNet.

MedNet has sold Elcam components on the European market for more than 30 years. In addition to sales, MedNet has been supporting the registration of international medical devices for the European market for over 20 years and has also launched its own product line in 2013.

With the CE mark on the non sterile component, MedNet is responding to the needs of medical device manufacturers all over Europe, who are faced with higher regulatory requirements coming into effect. Every component of a device or set now requires a technical file, which increases the regulatory effort and the hurdles for innovations. “Small companies don't have the staying power until the registration is completed. Providing CE certificates for individual non-sterile components simplifies the preparation of the product file and significantly reduces the time required for a market launch”, explains Ole Stein, Managing Director at MedNet.

With the purchase of the non sterile CE marked components, medical device manufacturers save the regulatory effort. In addition to time and financial savings, it also increases planning reliability for new developments and sets.

For Custom Procedure Tray providers who in accordance with Article 12 MDD / Article 22 MDR depend on a CE mark for theirs components, the purchase of the non-sterile version saves the additional unpacking / packaging effort and bypasses the problem of a second sterilization in the set compared to the packaged, sterile medical device.

In addition to the Elcam stopcocks and manifolds, MedNet offers various non sterile CE marked components from the field of fluid management as well as for angiography and interventional cardiology / radiology.

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About us

Company details

Since 1990 MedNet GmbH has been a competent service provider and supplier for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. As a European company with headquarters in Germany we offer a wide portfolio in standard components from well known manufacturers as well as our own product lines for interventional radiology, infusion technology and others. Furthermore you can benefit from our worldwide well established network offering comprehensive material and manufacturing  technologies customized to your individual requirements. With its extensive expertise on medical applications, MedNet ensures the best solution for your development or application. MedNet is ISO 13485 certified.

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Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Tubings and tubing equipment
  • Filter
  • Valves
  • Catheters
  • Needles
  • Raw materials and adhesives
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Services

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