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Levmed Ltd.

9/3 Hanarkis, 3093320 Zikhron Yaakov
Telephone +972 54 4361672
Fax +972 4 6292334


Yuval Zuk

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.13  Other diagnostic equipment

Our products

Product category: Other diagnostic equipment

Allbrand ( Universal ) 12 Lead ECG Electrodes Belt

  • One size fits all - Elastic
  • Intended for 12 Lead rest ECG
  • Compatible with all 12 Lead ECG brands
  • Connect to lead wires using Snap or Clip Connectors
  • Built-in 6 chest  Ag/AgCL electrodes
  • With Handles/Straps
  • For Men and Women
  • With Hygienic protection

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Product category: Other diagnostic equipment

Dedicated 12-Lead ECG Electrodes belt

  • Intended for 12-lead Rest ECG
  • Supplied with a patinet cable
  • Connect to specific ECG device
  • Includes : 6 built in precordial electrodes (V1-V6), 3 built in limb electrodes (RA,LA,RL),1 left leg clamp electrode
  • With straps or handels
  • With hygienic protection

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Product category: Other diagnostic equipment

12 Lead Mobile ECG including ECG Electrodes Belt

Bluetooth ECG Transmitter
  • Simultaneous 12-lead Rest ECG
  • Automatic Measurements & Interpretation
  • ECG Tracings may be saved as pdf, send by email and or printed.
  • IOS/Android Compatible
  • 12-lead ECG Electrodes Belt

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Company news




Oct 28, 2020

Levmed web site is available in multi languages

Levmed web site
is availble now in English, French, Spanish Italian and Arabic
for our customers form all over the world.

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Oct 8, 2020

Levmed ECG Electrodes belts with Hygienic protection

All Our ECG Electrodes  Belts are very easy to clean and sanitize, and can be cleaned by any disinfection material used in hospitals for cleaning medical devices. The silicon compound includes  built-in hygienic protection.

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About us

Company details

Our 12 Lead ECG Electrodes belts which replace  the  standard vacum pump electrodes,  are sold and used  for many years worldwide on a daily basis, in hospitals, clinics, rescue teams, airlines, sport centers, and mobile care units.
All our products share the same approach – Easy to Use and Reliable.
Levmed continues to monitor the rapidly evolving impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) closely. Without question, our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our loyal and growing customer base, the patients they serve, and our employees and their families.
Together, we will get through this period of turbulence.

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Area of business
  • Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • Diagnostics