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CryoConcepts LP

205 Webster Street, 18015 Bethlehem, PA

Our range of products

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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.04  Cryotherapy, cryosurgery equipment

Cryotherapy, cryosurgery equipment

Our products

Product category: Cryotherapy, cryosurgery equipment

CryoLab Aesthetics

CryoLab Aesthetics is a breakthrough for the treatment of skin conditions such as age spots, sun spots, and skin tags.

CryoLab’s revolutionary design allows you to treat just a few or multiple spots with a low cost per treatment. No other portable cryotherapy comes close to the efficient use of gas making CryoLab the first cryo-based alternative to laser treatments.

The bottom line is that CryoLab will generate superior client outcomes and significant profits for your practice.

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Product category: Cryotherapy, cryosurgery equipment


The Most Advanced Cryo Facial Unit Ever Designed
CryoTouch is the result of years of development work based on a deep understanding of the needs of the esthetic world – RELIABILITY.  LOW MAINTAINENCE. EASY-TO-OPERATE.

CryoTouch features a breakthrough “smart” dispenser that will allow us to help you manage inventory, perform trouble shooting, send you messages about specials and much more.

We’ve designed the unit to be highly portable and our high-volume gas tank and pre-filled serum cartridges deliver low disposable costs which will improve your profits. 

Your clients will love the gentle vibration of the cartridge tip that delivers the gas and serum to the skin and allows you to get to problem areas such as around the eyes and above the lip with ease. Additionally, CryoTouch has a calm sound – no more loud treatments to spoil the mood!

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Product category: Cryotherapy, cryosurgery equipment

CryoLab Vet

CryoLab Vet allows you to treat abnormal skin lesions with less trauma and delivers great outcomes to your patient animals. Cryosurgery eliminates the need for general anesthesia, sutures and the need for antibiotics.
CryoLab uses Nitrous Oxide which can be used to treat a wide variety of abnormal masses or lesions including:
  • Warts
  • Distichiasis
  • Perianal Carcinomas & Anal gland tumors
  • Eyelid tumors
  • Angiomas
  • Tail tumors
  • Skin tags
  • Cysts

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About us

Company details

On A Mission
Ten years ago, CryoConcepts was founded with one objective – to bring innovation to the world of cryosurgery that has not seen new technology in more than 25 years. Our collective experience of over 80 years gives us deep insight into the needs of the market for cryo-based products that have better first-time success, higher efficiency, and are more user and patient-friendly.

Cryo Industry Leader
Our recent acquisition of Histofreezer®, the world’s number one portable cryosurgical device, underscores our commitment to cryosurgery and we now ship to customers in over 44 countries. The Histofreezer brand has special meaning for us as members of our executive management team first launched the brand in 1991. So, taking the brand over 28 years later is a unique experience and we look forward to working, once again, in the professional medical/surgical market.

The last and, most important, message is that we will be introducing the most exciting and breakthrough new products in both the professional and consumer market in the coming months. Our patented and FDA cleared technologies will usher in a new generation of cryo-based products that deliver superior success rates and lead to better client outcomes.

Stay tuned and we look forward to making our Company’s motto of “All things Cryo” on a global basis a reality.

Our Promise
Our commitment is clear – to bring you the safest and most effective cryosurgical and cryotherapies for you and your clients. Our executive management team has over 80 years of collective experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying cryo-based technologies and that experience makes us “The Cryo Experts.”

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