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Myoton AS

Lõõtsa 8a, 11415 Tallinn
Telephone +372 50 47289
Fax +372 60 98242

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Aleko Peipsi

+372 50 47 289


Mart Kosemets

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Product category: Other diagnostic equipment

MyotonPRO Digital Palpation Device

Myoton®PRO Digital Palpation Device* is a non-invasive, unique, reliable and practical instrument for objective assessment of muscle tone, stiffness and elasticity in research as well as in clinical settings.

Monitoring of these parameters enables medical practitioners to determine treatment efficacies better, manage drug dosage, frequencies and routinely evaluate effects of physiotherapy.

Use of Myoton technology in scientific and clinical research has become increasingly popular worldwide. Scientific background available to date validates its use in a wide range of medical and sports applications.
E.g. the major clinical field where Myoton could offer new quality for evidence-based medicine is the neurology or neuro-rehab, e.g. in Parkinson’s and Stroke rehabilitation.

MyotonPRO is designed mainly for the measurement of superficial skeletal muscles, tendons and ligaments. Moreover, the latest articles suggest it is highly reliable also for skin measurements.

MyotonPRO is a compact hand-held device with a flat end probe that is held perpendicular to the skin over the muscle of interest. The device’s probe applies constant pre-load to compress subcutaneous tissues lightly and delivers a brief mechanical impulse, eliciting damped oscillations. An accelerometer within the device records the oscillation, and the software computes parameters of tissue simultaneously. Built-in gravity compensation system enables measurements in any direction.

* For research use only.

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Company news




Oct 8, 2020

MyotonPRO makes it possible to test muscle adaptation in space

“MyotonPRO” digital palpation device orbits the Earth on the International Space Station ISS as we speak.
For more: NASA - Expedition 63 in progress
ESA and NASA launched the device for objective monitoring of astronauts’ muscle health and physical condition. The research program funded by ESA, DLR and UK Space Agency is called “Myotones – Muscle Tone in Space”.

The study makes a precedent and sets a new significant milestone in space medicine and muscle physiology in general because it is the first time the measurement of muscle tone became technically possible in space. Moreover, the measurement procedure is painless, quick and easy. The research helps scientists better to understand the dynamics of muscle adaptation or maintenance of its physical condition during 120 to 180 days in micro-gravity under a routine training program.

According to Alexander Gerst, “MyotonPRO” is a crucial device to test muscle adaptation in space during normal daily routine and regular training. Staying fit throughout the mission, allows astronauts to return to everyday life on Earth as smoothly as possible. “MyotonPRO allows us to measure muscle tone objectively and provides scientists at Charité University Berlin with the data showing how our muscles are changing during and after our time on the International Space Station.”

The device registers a muscle oscillation and calculates various parameters, such as muscle tone, stiffness and elasticity. 

“Having a more efficient, monitored fitness program not only helps us astronauts, but also anyone keen to get back on their feet after an injury, or athletes who are looking to go that extra mile,” explains Gerst and adds: “So whether you are on the International Space Station or on Earth, it is important to stay fit!”

The Myotones project is funded by the European Space Agency – ESA, German Aerospace Center – DLR and the UK Space Agency. The project involves scientific collaboration between researchers at the Charité University in Berlin, DLR in Cologne, Germany, the University of Southampton, UK, and Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics, Cologne, Germany.

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MYOTON - The New Quality in Soft Tissue Assessment

Myoton AS is a spin-out company from the University of Tartu with an ambitious goal of introducing a new standard for soft tissue assessment.

For the time being, hundreds of research institutions worldwide are using Myoton technology in new areas of research, thus validating it for a wide range of medical and sports applications.

As a historical event, ESA and NASA launched the MyotonPRO device to the International Space Station (ISS) for monitoring astronauts muscle tone in space.

Our mission is to provide non-invasive and cost-effective solutions for the measurement and monitoring of skeletal muscles and other soft tissues that are consistent with the principles of preventative and evidence-based medicine.

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