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J30 And J 31, Sector 63, 201301 Noida
Telephone +91 120 6285000212

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Aditya Dubey

Regional Manager
International Sales and Marketing

NOIDA, India



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09:00 - 18:30

Mr. Aditya Dubey



09:00 - 18:30

Mr. Aditya Dubey



09:00 - 18:30

Mr. Aditya Dubey



09:00 - 18:30

Mr. Aditya Dubey

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  • 05.03  Articles for nursing, hygiene and medical cosmetic
  • 05  Commodities and consumer goods
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Incontinence systems and stoma aids

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Non-woven disposable products

Our products

Product category: Incontinence systems and stoma aids, Non-woven disposable products


People in the world are now more educated , more aware about keeping oneself Clean , Safe and Protected  with priority to maintain their Personal Hygiene.

As per the WHO reports , almost 1/3 rd of the world population  (i.e. apprx 15 % Womens and 10% Mens) are using the Adult Diapers or Maximum absorbent garments ,  due to Incontinence , leakages  and  old age needs .So as to keep themself Clean ,  Dry and Safe .

An adult diaper is a recent invention for adults who suffer from urinal and fecal incontinence. Adult diapers are specially created for adult use, thus, making it convenient and comfortable for them. Old age is the second childhood and so, our elders require extra care and attention during their ‘second childhood’. And adult diaper is  a perfect solutions for the traditional old age  problems.

Adult Diapers now a days , have various uses  :

 ·        Urinary and fecal incontinence.
·        For people who are bed-ridden or have a bad bladder control.
·        For patients of dementia or patients with mental difficulties.
·        In severe cases of diarrhea.
·        Astronauts, too, use trunk-like diapers during take-offs and landings.
·        It is recommended for ladies who are prone to infections due to unhygienic toilets.
·        Thrilling Stuntman’s and Sports Persons of Both Sexes ,   to help them worry less and stress less about the leakages. 

Benefits of using adult diapers

·        Tension-free comfort and relaxing feeling.
·        Gives you a sense of security and safety.
·        For bed-ridden patients, it is the option to prevent any bed sores or rashes.
·        Various types of diapers are available like underpants, pull-up diapers, etc. You can choose as per use.
·        Relieves the problem of bad odour due to wetness.
·        Ideal for both men and women.

Don't let incontinence get in the way of Leading a quality life, Choose from a wide collections offered by Dignity range

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Product category: Articles for nursing, hygiene and medical cosmetic


Mattey - Underpads  - Bed pads are disposable absorbent pads that can be used above the linen, over the mattress for protecting them against getting soiled by the user / resident.
It provides a protection for the challenging incontinence patients to protect mattress from getting wet . It allows users to travel  worry less  on the  car rides , without getting embarrassed  and  to  lead a quality life .

Our Bed pads  are made up of wood pulp cellulose imported from America and mixed with SAP - Super absorbent powder , That makes them instant absorber,   once getting soiled .

The Benefits of using our Mattey - Underpads - giving freedom to the homebound incontinence patients:
1. Freedom of Travel in cars / wheelchairs / Ambulances.
2. Freedom from getting embarrassed  and maintaining a quality life .
3. Freedom from urine damage while staying at bed.
4. Freedom for use with Adult Diapers / Pull ups.
5. Freedom to use the furniture - protecting them from getting damaged, once soiled by user.

Key Features :

  • Diamond shape compressed design on  core area , makes even absorption of liquid throughout the surface. 
  • 100% leakage proof - Polyethylene back sheet .
  •  Core area is 5 layered .
  • Wood pulp and SAP blended  material used 
  • Top sheet is very soft like cloth .
  • Silicone release tapes at back sheet.
  • Safe to use , easy to dispose , Hypoallergenic.
The available sizes are :
  •   Mattey Underpads : ( GS 8414 ) Size 90cm  x 60 cm – Commonly used on Beds from getting soiled  by user / resident.
  •   Mattey Underpads : ( GS 8416 ) Size 60cm  x 60 cm – Commonly used on Small Beds/ Wheelchairs / Furniture’s / Cars seat / Patient transfers Vehicles  - from getting soiled  by user / resident.
  •  Mattey Underpads : ( GS 8417 ) Size 60cm  x 40 cm – Commonly used on Small Beds/ Cars seat /  Baby Strollers / Vehicles  - from getting soiled  by user / resident.

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Product category: Articles for nursing, hygiene and medical cosmetic


Baby Mats : ( GS 8412 ) Size 60cm x 60 cm - Quilted design , extra soft material , more thick pad – Commonly used on Baby Beds/ Baby changing stations / Baby Strollers - - from getting soiled by growing child.

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Product category: Articles for nursing, hygiene and medical cosmetic


The World is struggling to find the solution to the COVID Crisis .

The Key to remain safe, is Social Distancing , Wearing Protective Products and Sanitization.

We believe that " Prevention is better than cure ".

We can offer product to remain protected and safe , by maintaining good personal hygiene of every individual.

We have a wide variety of Disinfecting Wet towels / wipes to meet the requirements of a Growing child , Young people and the Older Patients, A complete solution for every member of family.

We have a wet wipes for the needs of Growing childs and Old age patients and for general well being .
We are proud to present our Dignity range of wet wipes:
Sparklean - Surface Cleaning wipes
Kleanzo - Hand Cleansing wipes
Spongee - Adult Body wipes
Poochie - Baby wipes
99% Water Wipes- Baby Wipes
Spongee - Baby wipes

Wet wipes / towels are an effective dosage form of sanitization and it is more safe , skin friendly , effective and economic then other sanitization methods .

It is effective against :
1. Gram Positive Bacteria
2. Enveloped Viruses
3. Gram Negative Bacteria
4. Fungi
5. Non - Enveloped virus
6. All kinds of germs causing pathogens / micro organism.

We can also offer the products under OEM / Private brand labels.

Please plan your inventories and send your purchase requirements to us .

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About us

Company details

RGI MEDITECH PRIVATE LIMITED - (Romsons Group Company ) are reputed and established manfuacturer and exporter of  Dignity range of Disposable Adult Diapers , Wearable absorbent pads , Bed Pads , Maternity Pads ,Wet wipes for Adult and Newborns.

Dignity  is prominent brand in the incontinence  and Personal hygiene care  products range.

We can offer a variety of  products to the  Incontinent users , to live a quality life .

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10-49 Mio US $

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